Is your school ready to teach computational thinking?

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Why should schools teach coding


9 in 10 parents want their kids to learn programming. However a handful of schools teach modern programming languages and frameworks to students, because of lack of qualified teachers.


Programming has halo effect. Programming entails breaking down a complex problem into small byte sized chunks of manageable tasks. The cognitive temperament mastered in programming, has been shown to help young students perform better in their core academic subjects and become smarter.


Programming is a basic digital literacy skill. As technology becomes a more vital part of our lives, basic knowledge of programming is as foundational as knowledge of trigonometry, algebra or electricity.


Technology will be one of the fastest growing industries in the next 10 years. Making our children ready for the the workplace of tomorrow will require schools to adapt and transform.

Who is Kodemango for?

How can Kodemango
prepare schools to adapt?

Easy lesson plans

Programming concepts are broken down into byte-sized small chunks for easy and fun filled comprehension.

Interactive coding

Kodemango comes with an interactive code execution environment where students can learn the concepts of programming and practice coding all from within their browser.

Auto quiz grader

Kodemango comes with an auto quiz grader, so that teachers and school administrators can track progress made by students.

Collab Tools

Kodemango's collaboration tools make group software project developement submissions easy for students and super easy for teachers to view and check.

Sandboxed Coding

Kodemango comes with a sandboxed coding environment where students can develop their projects and showcase the same to their friends and parents.

Xpert Connect

It's in the nature of coding to get frustated and confused. Students can post their questions and can get their questions answered by techies working in marque companies like Microsoft, Google, Oracle. Students get to learn design thinking from the actual experts.

Deploy to Web

Like you, we love to celebrate stuff built by students. We are building a feature that will enable one-click deployment of projects made on Kodemango to a Kodemango subdomain.

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